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eBackpack - Latest Updates

posted Sep 17, 2015, 6:59 AM by Cash Keith   [ updated Sep 17, 2015, 7:00 AM ]

Enhancements & New Features 

  • State Standards Tagging! We're excited to announce that teachers can now tag assignments & assessments according to state and district standards. We've made it a simple and streamlined process allowing your school or district to align to any standard you need. Outcomes and reporting coming this fall! 
  • Translation Support - eBackpack now supports translation for over 90 languages! We're doing everything we can to make our LMS accessible to every student. 
  • Threaded Discussions - Teachers and students can now reply to individual comments on class or assignment discussions and moderate by deleting specific comments or entire threads.
  • Assignment Archiving -  Our new Assignment Archiving feature allows teachers to keep assignments that have been completed but hide them from the folder tree. It works similarly to our Delete feature; simply click on the assignment and choose Archive from your action drop-down box. This will hold it in your Archives until you're ready to use it again. You can also archive and access archived assignments from your Assignments page. Our Knowledge Base article includes further details. 

Note for our iOS users: Be sure to keep up with your eBackpack app updates! We support the two latest versions of the app - if you attempt to use any earlier versions, you may be unable to access your eBackpack account.